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pencil drawing jam - The Drawing JAM

  I am a self taught artist drawing on and off since I was 5 years old. Pencil sketching is a form of meditation that helps calm my mind and focus. My favorite subjects to draw are people and animals.

  Pets give us Love and Joy from an unlimited wellspring, asking for little in return. I've been surrounded by ( and sometimes inundated with ) cats and dogs my entire life. Where my love for them came from, I cannot say; it's always been within me since early childhood, perhaps carried over from Past Lives.
  I'm living proof anyone can draw. You don't need to be born with " the gift " or an extensive education. All you need is desire, along with discipline to sketch what you see with your eyes, as opposed to what you think you should be drawing with your mind. And sketching materials that perform to your satisfaction, not necessarily expensive art supplies.
  Art is a historical record of Humankind's generosity to itself. While we create for personal to selfish reasons, the end result is ultimately meant as a gift for others to enjoy. Artists aim to entertain and bring you pleasure, while only hoping for the opportunity to continue doing so.
  Proceeds from sales of my art and any donations received go toward tending to the daily needs of 60+ outdoor farm cats, as well as a handful of special needs cats taken into our home.
pencil drawing jam - 9 yr old JAM & Co. 1981
9 yr old JAM & Co. 1981