If you would like a drawing, the rates are

( which includes Shipping + Insurance within the U.S. )



1 Pet





2 Pets





1 Person





1 Person
1 Pet





2 Persons




A 20% non-refundable deposit is required before drawing begins
along with a photo having a minimum of 300dpi for clarity
 and 30 days for completion + shipping
  The more detailed the photo you supply,
the more detailed your drawing will turn out.
  The actual drawing itself will be roughly 8.5X11 inches
on 11X14 sketch paper, allowing border space for framing.
I will email you a photo of the sketch in progress
and ask for your approval to continue
or make a revision based on your assessment.
I will email you a photo of the completed drawing
and a request for the remainder of the fee.
Send your photo as an attachment to
with the subject heading
Draw My Pet
and we can discuss
shipping ( and alternative payment details if necessary )
Payments are currently accepted through
Senior Citizens, Terminally Ill and Non Profit Organizations
qualify for a 25% discount